Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Night Market

Market is held every morning, each day of the week. Mostly food is sold during Morning Market. People set up booths and sell their goods.
Night market is much more fun. We went to the Night Markets in Kaohsiung and Pingtung.
We went through the one in Pingtung before the sun set and there wasn't as much, but people were busy setting up. When we came back after dusk, there were many people and every booth for 5 or 6 blocks had huge varieties of things from fresh fish, to wallets, all kinds of cooked foods, drinks and jewelery. The fresh meat had some interesting fly deterring gadgets. They worked like a ceiling fan with little motor devices that spin above the meat with two rods sticking out and a piece of frayed rope or plastic on the ends.
It was a fun place to pick up souvenirs. We particularly enjoyed trying out different kinds of foods and drinks.
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There are many famous night markets(ChungHwa night market, Feng-Chia university night market, Tung-Hai university night market, Chung-Shiao night market) in Taichung, which can provide you different night life experience. You can enjoy delicious foods, drinks and buy cheap and interesting stuff in these night markets.

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Sailor said...

Hi Annie,

The night market was fun. I never did find where DL came up with the wasabe squid. That was good. At least I think it was squid. Being somewhat adventureous at a night market is a good thing.